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My Account Verification.
Below are some frequently asked questions about account verification and their answers have been provided
 (1) Why should  my account be verified?
We are mandated by the law of the Republic of Ghana that all the accounts owned by Cofred customers be verified to avoid any fraudulent act or illicit transaction.
 Owing to this, it is therefore compulsory that your account(s)  be verified 
This verification takes place once in a given period of time. Once your account has been verified, you are free from that task and also free from falling a victim to the Government of the Republic of Ghana.
 (2) What documents are required for my account to be verified?
You are required to send the scanned copies of your,
i.) proof of identity, such as any valid government issued ID Card which may be your voter's ID, driver's license, national ID, or international passport.
(3) How do I send these documents to Cofred?
You can send these documents to Cofred either on your mobile application(s)  or on the website following these procedures:
(a) Login on your account
(b). Go to Account Settings
(c). On  the section where you have account settings, you will find where you should upload these documents.
The mobile application is very easy to use, because you  just need to take a snap shot of the required documents and upload them, 
As soon as this is done, the verification processes will begin and the validity of your documents, ( if valid ), will be ascertained. 
 (3) How long does it take for my documents to be verified after I upload them?
 During our working days / working hours, as elucidated earlier, under the subheading " our working hours ",  the process takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Once you have uploaded the documents, our security team will begin to screen them and if your documents are valid and authentic, then our security team will infer that your account has been verified and then you are free from every harassment of whatsoever relating to fraud or account fraud.
 (4) Can I use my documents to verify my child's account?
It is obviously acceptable by Cofred, for you to verify your child's account using your documents, until he or she is accountable.
 (5) When I have difficulties in my account verification, who should I consult?.
 When you have difficulties in your account verification, without much ado, send an email ( a message from your active mail box) to or, explaining what the problem is and one of Cofred's  management team experts will attend to you immediately 
 (6) Can my outdated or invalid official photo ID documents be used to verify my account?
With regards to the rule of law in the Republic of Ghana, it is a legal requirement that verification are done using valid documents. 
For this reason, you are expected to provide documents that satisfy or meet the standards of the rule of law of the Republic of Ghana. 
 (7) How do I know whether my Cofred Account has been verified?
If you are using the Cofred website, you will find your account status at the top corner of your account, but if you are using the mobile application, login on your account, click on your profile icon and you will be redirected to your account profile section, where you will find your account status.
(8) What is the use of my documents to you and how safe are my documents in your custody?
 Your documents have no use to Cofred. They are only needed for the verification of your account. As soon as the processes are completed, your documents become useless to Cofred until the need arises in due course by the law, to verify all accounts again, or when the law requires that the documents be used for investigation.
 Whenever there is the need for any verification or investigation, we make sure we inform you before we carry out such verification or investigation processes. 
 Meanwhile, with our state-of-the-art security system, all data stored on our server are secured and safe 24 hours.
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