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How to use your credit/debit card on Cofred!


Link Your Credit/Debit Card To Your CofredPay account.


Verified Members Only


To link your bank card to your Cofred account, you will be required to fill the following information from your card to your Cofred account:


  1. Card Number (16 digits number at the front of your card)
  2. Card Expiration date (MM/YYYY)
  3. CVV (The last 3 digits at the back of your card)


After filling the above information correctly, your card will be linked to your Cofred account and you will be required to verify your card before you can start using it on any of our platforms.


To verify your card, you will be required to send us the scanned copy of the following documents:


  1. The front page of your debit or credit card. (Mask the middle 8 digit numbers)
  2. The back page of your debit or credit card. (Mask the last 3 digit numbers)
  3. Selfie with you holding your card close to your face. (Mask the middle 8 digit numbers)
  4. A signed agreement document with the same signature as it appears on the back of your card. (This document is optional for cards issued in Ghana or Nigeria but mandatory for cards issued from other countries. Click here to download this document or visit the account settings section of your account).


To send these documents to Cofred, kindly visit the section for account settings of your account on Cofred's website.


After verifying your card, all limits on your card will be extended and you will be able to use your card on any of our platforms as many times as you wish,any time any day.


Apart from the above security measures put in place to secure our system, you and your account from falling victims of fraudulent acts, Cofred uses secure, encrypted technology to store and handle your credit card information. Be rest assured that the confidential data you enter on any of our platforms are safe and protected 24 hours.


Credit/Debit Card Cofred Account Funding


Verified Members Only


 When using your linked card to fund your Cofred account, you will be charged in naira - Nigerian Currency, for Cards issued in Nigeria and US Dollar for Cards issued in other countries to its equivalent in your local currency, if your card is not issued in Nigeria. This means that, there could be minimal changes in the amount you will be debited due to international exchange rate which your bank may want to adhere to.

The table below explain this:


Cofred Wallet / Currency Transaction Charges
Nigerian Naira (NGN) 1.5% | Max NGN 2,000.00
Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) 3%
U. S. Dollar (USD) 3%


Deposit fees will be reviewed from time to time in order to reduce it in due course. At the point of deposit, the transaction fees you will be charged will be specified on the deposit form.


For more information on how to use your credit or debit card on our platforms, kindly send us a support ticket.

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